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Portable Pet Water and Food Bottle

Our Portable Pet Water and Food Bottle is perfect for giving a drink to your dog or cat on the go.

You can now give your pet a drink of water or food and treats hassle free in the park, outdoors, on the beach, in the car or anywhere!

The bottle has a widemouth bowl that's perfect for pets to drink out of. The water is stored in the bottle and can pass back and fourth from the bowl so you won't waste any.

The bottle is BPA free and leak proof with 260ml for water and 200ml for food or treats.  There is a carry handle for convenience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Granville Olson

great product, very useful for my dog especially it holds dual function. recommended for all dog owners to get this.

Darryl Reilly

All compatible with description Bottle well made and very useful

Lavinia Bahringer

Love it

Estefania Anderson

great quality product! as description dog loves it

Grady Romaguera

Very beautiful and well made and fast shipment