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Pet Seatbelt Safety Buckle

Our Pet Seatbelt Safety Buckle is a must have for every dog owner who wants to keep their pet safe. Dogs can sometimes get a little over excited in the car and can easily become a distraction to the driver.

Works on Any Seatbelt!

The safety buckle will help to keep you and your dog safe during drives and works with the safety action of your seatbelt. 

HOW TO USE:  Weave the safety buckle onto the seatbelt.  Apply pressure to the buckle to open it and attach it to your dog's collar or harness.

Length: 12.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Silas O'Hara

Very smart and good quality product!!

Matteo Nicolas

Very practical

Brooklyn Pagac

It is sturdy u of good quality, I have other products of this brand and they are good.

Stephan Yundt

Belt as belt looks firmly, should be convenient for fastener. Hope you will increase the security of my dog in aucie

Jacey Trantow

It was the best