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Leather Dog Collar With Personalised Engraved Nameplate

Size Guide

Get your beloved, escaping dog back home safe, sooner with our Leather Dog Collar With Personalised Engraved Nameplate.

Included for you is FREE engravingof the nameplate! For speedy return of your pet we recommend your pet's name and your mobile number.  Enter the details in the fields provided in the bottom right of this screen.

Your dog will be totally comfortable in our fully adjustable, thick, high quality collar.  The genuine leather collar is durable and constructed to withstand the rough and tumble of your pooch's adventures.

Long lasting and rust proof, the name plate is made from stainless steel. 

Match the personality of your pooch with 4 Colours to choose from: Red, Pink, Blue and Brown.

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Staff Dog Test

We bought this collar when our dog was a puppy and the quality is great.  Our dog was never an escape artist.  Once he hit 1 year he discovered digging under the fence. I have received three unexpected "we have your dog" calls from the neighbours both 2 blocks away. So thankful I got this collar. JG 

Size Chart

 Size Total Length Width Neck Adjustable Length
X Small 32cm 1.5cm 22-28cm
Small 37cm 1.5cm 27-33cm
Medium 42cm 2.0cm 29-38cm
Large 51cm 2.5cm 37-47cm
This is a customised product and it will be sent separately from other items in your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Rebeka Barrows

good quality, quick shipping , thank you

Samara Gleichner

It's fine. The husband said that the width of the collar is like a cat)) the number and name were written without mistakes. For one Russell will last forever this collar in terms of size.

Albertha Harber

The color is very cute and it looked exactly like

Carol Howe

Super quality. The seller responded quickly to the messages. Our Roxy really liked

Jamaal Hessel

That's the second time I bought it and it gave me super good result!