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Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle

You can make sure your pet is hydrated in their crate during the warm summer months with our Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle.  Designed with your pet’s natural instincts in mind, your pet licks a small ball when thirsty to release the water.  You can avoid water spills and wet bedding with the drink on demand system.

Easy, Safe, Automatic

  • Your pet’s daily demand for water can be satisfied with our Automatic Water Bottle
  • Easy to install, it clamps to the crate
  • Water comes out on demand when your dog licks the ball  
  • Little or no leakage
  • Made from durable and non-toxic safe materials

A 10kg pet will drink about 300 to 500mL per day.
A 20kg pet will drink about 600 to 1L per day.


500 ml: 24cm x 8 cm
1 Litre: 28 x 8cm

Choice of three colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow 

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Staff Dog Test

This worked better than expected. My dog preferred the bottle to his bowl as I think it was more fun. I replaced the washer inside from Bunnings as it started to leak after 6 months and it is as good as new. JG

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Cordell Tromp

Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle

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Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle

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Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle

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Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle

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Pet Crate Automatic Water Bottle