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Cat Harness and Leash 7 Colours!

Your cat will look stylish and be comfortable in our Cat Harness and Leash which is designed just with cats in mind.  Let's take your cat for a walk in comfort and safety!

A traditional leash can have a choking action on your cat which is caused by the pulling and pressure around your cat’s neck.  To give you greater control and for your cat's maximum comfort, the harness design distributes your cats weight across the chest. 

The harness comes in two styles, one is reflective for high visibility and safety at night time.

Your cat has a unique personality and there are 7 Colours and 3 sizes to choose from.

Included For Your Cat:Harness + Leash

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Size Guide

  • Small- kitten
  • Medium- average cat
  • Large- large cat
Cat Harness and Leash 7 Colours! Pet Collars & Harnesses BestPet
Size Chart Reflective Colours
Cat Harness and Leash 7 Colours! Pet Collars & Harnesses BestPet 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Victoria Little

Product equal to the photo. Everything is perfect.

Mable Gusikowski

We're four months old. At first it seemed that it would not be enough and the head will not fit, but it came perfectly. White pieces reflective. The strap is adjustable. The leash itself is long enough. We will still order M for growth

Osbaldo Heathcote

very beautiful and feels really nice for a low price he seems to like it

Reyna Luettgen

It arrived just now! Very happy, my kitten got a little bit big but it's gonna grow more. It took longer than it did. The material is good.

Johnathan Mayert

Super fast shipping. The exact product to the photo. Very happy.