BestPet HD Camera- 5 Minute Set Up and Q&A

From box to set up, this Four Step Guide will get you up and running with your BestPet Camera. 

To Complete The Set-Up Process You Will Need

  • To be stationed within a few meters of your WiFi router
  • The camera in the box
  • Your WiFi password
  • Your mobile device connected to your WiFi

Start the timer!

Step One: Powering Up The Camera

  • Unpack the box
  • Connect the camera cable and connect to AC power

Step Two: Download The App

  • Take your mobile and download the YCC365PLUS App from the App Store or Google Play

  • Set up a user name and password

Step Three Connecting The Camera To Your Phone

Open the app and follow the steps in RED below.

When you go to your WiFi network settings in this step this is where you will see the CLOUDCAM.  Select CLOUDCAM and then return to the APP.

Step Four Connecting The Camera To Your WiFi

Continue to follow the instructions in the APP.  Once you enter your WiFi password and hit confirm the camera will connect to your WiFi.  It will "load" and this may take a minute.  Don't touch anything at this point, allow the configuration to get to 100%.


Any questions


  • Q. Can I give other people access the camera?
  • A. Yes, they need to download the App and you need to provide them with your App username and password.  They will have the same access you do.
  • Q. Can the camera detect sound?
  • A. Yes. By default notifications will be sent to the App for sound and movement detection.  These can be changed in the settings.
  • Q. Can the camera be turned off from the App?
  • A. Yes you can go into settings and turn the camera off.  We recommend this method rather than switching off at the wall to avoid the start-up process.
  • Q. Is the camera waterproof?
  • A. The camera does not have a waterproof rating. It has an AC power plug and is intended for indoor use.
  • Q. Does the camera have battery power?
  • A. No AC only.
  • Q. Can I access the camera anywhere?
  • A. You can access the camera anywhere in the world as long as the App on your phone can connect to the internet.
  • Q. How do I talk with my pet?
  • A. Hold down the microphone icon and speak.  When the microphone is not pressed the camera microphone is activated and you will hear the sound of your pet through the camera.
  • Q. What are the recording options?
  • A. Viewing the camera from your mobile is free with the exception of any charges your mobile provider charges for data.  To record images you need to either buy an HD card and insert into the camera or to select the monthly cloud plan from the App.  There is an initial 15 day free period for the cloud service. The subscription service is $6.99USD per month or $69USD per annum.
  • Q. Can I view multiple cameras from the App. 
  • A. Yes YCC165 can support 10+ cameras

  • Q. How close does the camera have to be to WiFi?
  • A. The camera needs to be in “WiFi range” which is 40-45 metres however the best and most reliable performance is achieved when the camera is closest to the WiFi router. When connecting the camera for the first time you should be within 1-2 metres of the WiFi router.

  • Q. Is the camera compatible with Google Home?
  • A. Not yet, Amazon Alexa only at this stage

  • Q. What is the recording time of the SD Cards?
  • Your camera will be set up with "Intelligent tracking" which means it only records when there is sound or video recorded.  You can of course record for the whole time if you wish.
16GB 1:12 Hours
32GB 2:24 Hours
64GB 4:48 Hours
128GB 6:20 Hours

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